The four Yogas; Bhakti, Jnana, Karma and Raja address the four components of your mind.

Understanding our Mind

Our minds have 4 components and each type of Yoga addresses every component.
Ego –¬†the subtlest aspect of the mind – Karma Yoga deals with this sense of “doership”.
Buddhi – the intellect part of the mind – This is Jnana Yoga, understanding the Symbolisms of your archetype, their myths.
Chittha – the Unconsciousness part of the mind where Impressions are stored: Meditation in front of your Archetype and the 8 fold path of Raja Yoga of Lord Patanjali deals with this.
Manas – the feelings/emotions part of your mind – Bhakti Yoga is the path that refines this aspect of the mind.


The easiest way to understand the four aspects of the mind is to do a thought experiment: Suppose there is a fire in the room you are in. The sense organs detect the fire and relay it to the Manas part of the mind. The intellect, Buddhi then consults with the Chittha and determines that somewhere in the past you have been burnt and fire is not good. The Buddhi then tells the five organs of action (Karma Indriyas) to get out of the room (hopefully the room has multiple exits). What does the ego do?It actually does nothing, it rushes in to claim ownership that I did this!

You work on all these four aspects of the mind by doing these four yogas together. Ultimately you start cutting the strands this dualistic world has on you. Finally the last strand is cut not by you (or your ego) but by Grace. This is a direct and intuitive realization that you are the Self and not the body or mind. It is an identity shift as opposed to an experience of Samadhi and characterized by a state where one is practicing Samadhi all the time. This is Awakening.


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