“I feel humor cuts through our conditioning and cognitive biases. Here are some light comedy sutras (to be taken in the right spirit)”  -Manoj

“When you are brown, fat and with an accent, you can get away with a lot of stuff –

And UPS is not the only brown who delivers!”  -Manoj 

From Recent Workshops and Festivals

From Manoj:

Dude, Devi and the Bhav sutras: 

1.1 Bhav is the only thing there is. Rest is noise
2.2 To know the Bhav is to be the Bhav
3.3 The Dude then abides in the Bhav
4.4 Devi is the Bhav

These teachings are about abiding in the Bhav.

And dealing with Bhav Busters in your life. 


When you are not in your “Authenticore”

– you are a “Pretendananda”.

How do you practice your spirituality 

– when nobody’s watching?”       -Manoj 

” What’s the difference between Hinduism and Buddhism?

– One tastes great, the other is less filling!”  -Manoj