All the yogic sadhanas (practices) you do such as meditation, chanting, Karma Yoga, etc are designed for chitthashuddhi (purifying the mind).

It is like cleaning the dust off the mirror of our mind. The sun is always shining, however when the mirror of the mind metaphorically has dust, it’s difficult to see the light of pure consciousness.

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We have had millions of incarnations and what incarnates are the samskaras that lead to a heavy coating in the mirror of our mind. The yogic practices are designed to purify the mind for the highest teachings of Jnana (Self Knowledge) that leads to freedom or Moksha.
The Upanishads talk about Moksha Samsaraat that means the cessation of all suffering. It means you may have desires but you do not base your happiness on the fulfillment of external desires.

That is because your true nature Is Joy.

Moksha thus means you have discovered your true nature.