Durga 101

Mantra: Om Dum Durga Yei Namah

Summary: Goddess Durga is goodness in a fierce form. She removes the negative energies that don’t serve us: both within as well as directed towards us.

Symbolism: There is always a story around which the philosophy is intertwined.

There was this demon king Mahishasura (Mahish means Buffalo and Asura means Demon). He meditated on Lord Shiva – Shiva gets easily pleased when you meditate or do Puja on him. Shiva gave the demon a boon that no existing God or Goddess could kill him, essentially the boon of immortality.

A boon is nothing more than an intention coming to fruition (like your intention changes the water molecular structure as per the water experiments of Dr. Emoto).

This demon symbolizes our deepest rooted samskaras or ingrained patterns which are seemingly immortal and no existing ego can vanquish it. This is what results in addictions or stuff that holds us back from reaching our highest potential.

This demon MahishAsura becomes arrogant and starts to torture a lot of people, just like our deepest patterns tortures us over many lifetimes.

All the Gods and Goddesses then got together and essentially created a new Entity, Maa Durga. So she wasn’t an existing deity and thus the boon didn’t apply. Each of them gave an aspect of themselves to her so Durga is an amalgamation of all the Gods and Goddesses.

Lord Ram gave the Bow, Kali gave the Axe, Hanuman gave the mace, Vishnu gave the discus and conch, Parvati/Shakti gave the beautiful Face, Lakshmi gave the Lotus.

This incredibly beautiful Goddess comes riding on a fierce Lion bobbing up and down. The demon King takes one look at her and falls in love.

He tells her, come, marry me and we will torture the world together! She couldn’t have it and chopped his head off.

There is a powerful symbolism in this story. The reason our Ego is powerless to deal with these samskaras is because our Ego is the subtlest aspect of the Mind which is a part of the Subtlebody. The Samskaras are ingrained in our Causal Body (That is why some of these samskaras come from earlier lifetimes).

Ego is like the proverbial flashlight while these samskaras are like the battery controlling the flashlight, the flashlight tries to look for and control the battery but it can’t.

Durga as your archetype resides in your Causal Body, the same plane as these samskaras. She is this able to kill the demons that plague us.

Durga cleans out the the patterns of repetitive behavior that holds us back and attenuates the effects of the samskaras that can lead to addictions.

She gives us inner strength and outer compassion so you can help people while having an inner firmness.

Durga is goodness in a fierce form.

The lion she rides on is like a dream lion (swapna simhata) that pounces on you and in fright, you are awakened into a higher state.

Similarly the Lion Ma Durga rides on wakes you up into a higher state of consciousness (Turiya).

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