Perfect Ganesh
Perfect Ganesh

Ganesha 101

Mantra: Om Gam Ganapataye Namah

Summary: Ganesha will not only ground you, remove obstacles and give you success, he leads you to Self Knowledge. Anything new you would do such as a new job, new event such as a birthday, new teacher training, new day etc., you get the blessings of Ganesh. He is The Lord of thresholds.

Symbolism: Ganesh is considered to be the remover of obstacles, bringing protection to you and family. Ultimately, he leads you to enlightenment.

As you know, Ganesh removes obstacles in a physical sense with the weapons he holds in either hand. However, the “real way” he removes obstacles in our lives is in the following manner: Ganesh usually is shown with a Mouse at his feet. (If the Ganesh murti doesn’t come with a mouse, then your mind is the mouse and you make Ganesha complete!). The mouse is the transport vehicle (Vahana) of Ganesh, in other words, he rides on the mouse. However, the mouse symbolizes our minds which wander all
 over the place like the way the mouse scampers around. By riding on the mouse, Ganesh controls the mouse, he therefore controls our minds helping “still” our minds.

Ganesh thus gets you in a state called “Practicing Samadhi” where the thought patterns in your mind are uniform. In that state, you do not experience any obstacle. So the obstacles we face in our lives are not outside you but inside our mind as vrittis (thoughtfluctuations). That is the secret how Ganesh removes obstacles by giving you an inner calmness.

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