There are 3 trips. Each trip is a hologram of the One. It’s a triangle: The intense spiritual energy of the place, the symbolism and myths of the archetypes there, and You. We will complete the triangle by going to these pilgrimage spots as well as doing Sadhana (spiritual practices) there. 

What was unexpected during the 2022 Yolo Yatra was how tight the group became and the feeling was “when one person heals, the entire group heals”. 

These pilgrimage yatras have been mentioned a lot as part of the spiritual journey in all the scriptures such as the 18 Puranas (especially a lot in Skanda Purana), Ramayana and Mahabharata. It’s a rite of passage in yogic spirituality and life changing in many ways. Each yatra spot has been energized over thousands of years by millions of people with such deep Bhakti that you can palpably feel the Shakti there. Teertha Yatra means to cross over (like Tara) – it’s the temples, rivers, mountains, sages there where we “cross over” to the divine realm and the divine crosses over to our world as avatars. 

If you had to choose one, it would be the 5D MAIN YATRA – Deep Dive with Devis, Devas and Diwali in Varanasi. October 30-November 14

If you had to choose two, I would include the POST YATRA – Marry Your “Self” in Pushkar, Rajasthan November 14-19

If you want to totally get your mind blown, I would choose the PRE YATRA – Avesham (Deity Possession) in Hidden Himalayan Villages October 19-30

This Pre Yatra has never been done by anyone other than a few academics. Instead of being academic spectators to deity possession, I want us to actively participate in the rituals and bring the Avesham practices home. Embodying the deities goodness is auspicious and I’ve been subconsciously doing that for 22 years. But there are practices and rituals we can do to incorporate Avesham such as Kara  Nyasa practices – we got a glimpse of that during my Inner Ramayana workshop in January.